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Intelligent buildings help of modern security systems
·3G, a breakthrough from the industry applications 
·Mobile Monitor - Security in the field highlights the deve 
·Peace of mind storage for Security Monitoring 
·The rapid development of high-definition monitor security  
·Mine frequent exposure to security monitoring system, four 
·Chong Tong Nanjing to celebrate on-line website 
·Nanjing North Bridge Market Surveillance System
·Anhui Tianchang Holiday Hotel network constructi
·Nanjing pilot vocational schools network cabling
·Nanjing Bureau of Transportation Group Tel trans
·Kumho Asiana Group (Kumho Tire) monitoring proje
·Nanjing Agricultural University, Laboratory of C
   Chong Tong Network Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing is a professional security monitoring, integrated wiring, room integration, Access Con-trol, Group call, video conference, fire radio, background music, LED displays and other technology-intensive high-tech enterprise, the com-pany since its establishment Since the strong economic and technolog-ical strength, modern project management experience, providing quali-ty service to our customers and get a good reputation and recognition.
Dome Camera
Network speed
Intelligent Sp
IR bolt
Rifle bolt
Network Camera
Video Capture
access control
Card device wi
Alarm Host
·How do we choose to meet the needs of security m
·Different angles, "Analysis of" classified secur
·Intelligent monitoring market demand and the ove
·How to distinguish between HD and SD
·Mobile Network Monitoring System Design and Impl
·Restrict the development of Community Policing F
·Intelligent Security System campus
·Room integration solutions ·Regional Programme Office CC
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